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I help women entrepreneurs like YOU launch a strategic podcast that amplifies their impact, income and influence. 

Online Business

Online Business

Growth Without Socials Through Blogging, SEO & Email Marketing w/ Sandra Henderson

February 26, 2024

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Can you really achieve business growth without socials? Welcome to the first episode in a six part series where I’m chatting with six incredible women experts about how they have grown and scaled their online business without relying on social media.

In this episode, I invited Sandra Henderson, a master of maximising time through strategic systems in photography businesses, to talk about how she grew her online business by leveraging blogging, SEO, and email marketing.  We discuss the impact of focusing on social media to market your business and the downside of spending too much time on Instagram. Sandra shares her journey of growing a business in the last three years through powerful marketing tools such as blogging, SEO, and email marketing. Plus, she opens up about what motivated her to explore different ways to market her business and what strategies she’s using to grow her business right now.

So if you're tired of the constant hustle on Instagram, this episode is your gateway to exploring effective marketing alternatives that could revolutionise your approach to business growth. Tune in now and let's take the first step together!

Listen to the episode on Growth Without Socials Through Blogging, SEO & Email Marketing


      • How Sandra turned her childhood passion for photography into a thriving 11-year business
      • The secret to Sandra's eleven year business success
      • What motivated Sandra to start focusing on business growth without socials
      • How blogging and SEO has contributed to Sandra's business growth without socials
      • The benefits of tracking where your inquiries come from, and how this data can help you transform your marketing efforts
      • The strategies Sandra uses to help photographers reclaim their time through systematisation

Leaning more into email marketing and blogging has really been an absolute game changer and makes Instagram feel more like just something I can do when I want to, instead of something that I have to do every day - Sandra

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  • Receive 25% off Sandra’s email workflow build! Just mention this podcast when you inquire about Sandra’s VIP Day. Email Sandra at


Sandra Henderson is a photographer, systems strategist, and podcast host based in Ontario, Canada. She specialises in helping photographers create strategic systems for their businesses to help them get their time back so they can spend it doing the things they love most. As an entrepreneur who also navigates chronic illness life, Sandra also takes a unique approach to using systems that will help businesses thrive no matter what life throws your way. On a personal note, she loves tacos, 90’s music, travelling, and spending time at home with her husband, step-son, and two cats!

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Podcast coach + launch strategist

I help women entrepreneurs like YOU launch a strategic podcast that amplifies their impact, income and influence.