DITCH THE SIX WEEK TIMELINE AND create the show of your dreams...and have fun doing it!

For female coaches who want to amplify their voice, impact and sales by leveraging the power of audio.

After all, your podcast idea is something you've dreamed about for years and now you've finally decided to make it happen, the typical six week launch plan is killing your vibe.


What if I told you...

That in ONE DAY you could have your podcast launched and in the ears of the women who need to hear your message?

It's 100% possible!

And the exact reason why I created this VIP Day - so you can make maximum impact with minimal effort FAST!

Your VIP Day includes:

 + VIP Strategy call (90 mins)
 + Strategy questionnaire and access to my podcast resources portal
 + A bespoke marketing plan that builds excitement with your audience before launch and attracts new listeners after your show is live
 + Clarity on how to structure your episodes so that you’re able to nurture and convert your listeners into your high ticket programs
 + Professionally designed cover art to capture your ideal listeners’ attention

  + Your trailer, intro and outro and edited and mixed with music
 + Three launch episodes* edited and uploaded with SEO-optimised show notes (within one week of VIP day)
 + RSS feed optimised and distributed across the top podcast apps and directories
 + 14 days post-VIP support via Voxer (for follow-up questions)

INVESTMENT: £2000 (payment plans are available)

A strategic done-with-you (and done for you) no-fluff experience from start to finish where you'll walk away with your podcast launched and in the ears of the women who need to hear your message and most importantly, a show that supports your big vision and even BIGGER goals! 

launch your pod VIP day


apply for your day

* solo episodes up to 30 minutes in length

Not sure a VIP Day is the right fit for you? DM me on Instagram @toobusytopodcast and let's chat. 

When you book a VIP Day, you are booking me for the day. The nature of our time together is fast, efficient and collaborative. I can launch podcasts in my sleep - I'm that good! My streamlined processes means I am able to achieve maximum results but this is dependent on quick responses from you during the VIP day and thorough completion of your pre-work.

please note


"Rosemarie knows what she’s doinG, especially with the strategic side, which I feel was pivotal in me being able to experience such a success with the launch."

Let me tell you HOW IT WORKS

curious to know more?

post vip day


your vip day


After onboarding, you will receive access to your client portal, where you will find the link to book your strategy call and complete your pre-work. Please note, when booking, your strategy call will take place two weeks before your VIP day. 




After a quick check-in on Voxer in the morning, I'll get to work creating and producing your show. I’ll do most of the legwork but will need you to be available to answer any questions and to approve your podcast assets. Don't worry about time zones - we'll work it out!

Pop the champagne - your trailer will be released and your show will officially be live! I'll also edit your three launch episodes and schedule them for release on your launch date. IYou will also receive 14 days Voxer/email support to answer any questions.

"Having rosemarie on my team has allowed me to seamlessly launch and produce a podcast with minimal effort on my part."

"I literally do not worry about the podcast. Rosemarie sends me the schedule for the week, I interview the guests and wake up every Wednesday morning to a newly released episode. I don't even listen to the edited episodes. I trust that you will take care of it and ensure that the quality is top notch. Rosemarie makes podcasting easy."

Ricklyn Woods, So You Want To Work In HR Podcast

"Rosemarie lights the fire under you that you knew you needed. She helps make it happen and get you out there!"

"I knew I needed outside support for a good kick up the bum as well as to help me not spend hours and hours on 'how tos' blogs and articles which weren't helping me to make any progress! My podcast is now the central part of my content strategy and informs all the other parts of my marketing. Some things you just shouldn't do all by yourself and launching your podcast is one of them."

Ali Geake, Keep It Human Podcast

"I feel like I have an asset that just keeps growing."

"Not knowing what I didn't know, I was overwhelmed by all the elements and needing a guide through the process. Rosemarie made everything seem possible, doable, manageable, easy and even fun!"

Gretchen Winterkorn, Into Our Own Hands Podcast

"With Rosemarie's help, I got amazing results and my podcast charted as number 1 in the UK within 24 hours!" 

"Rosemarie turned out to be a great recommendation! I needed someone I could trust to provide support on a podcast launch. I just didn’t have the expertise to do the launch by myself and needed someone to guide me. Rosemarie was competent, knowledgeable and I felt I could trust her to deliver on time and to budget. "

Roz Chandler, The Cut Flower Podcast

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This could be your reality too!


You see podcasting as a long term marketing strategy for your business and a way to deepen your relationship and engagement with your audience

You are ready to commit the time and energy over a two week period to launch your show

You are ready to share your voice with the world, make a bigger impact and increase sales

You want to launch your podcast like, yesterday and you’re ready to take fast action to make it happen 

Is a vip day right for me?

you've got questions...i've got the answers!

WHO IS THE perfect fit for this VIP DAY?

The VIP Day is best suited to female entrepreneurs who have a deep understanding of their ideal client, has a proven offer (show those results), an engaged audience and want to start a podcast as the main marketing channel for their business i.e. lead generation.

When can we get started?

Our VIP days are scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 8am and 12pm. There is flexibility for clients based outside of the UK.  I recommend submitting your application as soon as possible, even if you're not ready to start right away as spots are limited to three per month. You can pay a 50% deposit to secure your spot on my calendar and we can get started up to three months after that date. 

What if I need to cancel my VIP Day?

Refunds will not be issued after booking has been made but you may reschedule your VIP Day. This is one-time only and valid for up to three months after your original date.   

How much time will I need to dedicate?

I’ll do most of the legwork but you will need to set aside approx 5-7 hours to complete your pre-work.

But let's be honest, 5 -7 hours is no time at all to create a strategic and intentional podcast that will nurture your audience and convert them into your high ticket coaching programs - say hello to those DMs saying 'I've just binged your podcast - where do I sign up to work with you'? 😀

LET's do this!

SO…ready to use your voice to inspire other women and impact change in the world?