…your brand new podcast partner + cheerleader! 

And I’m here to help you take your business to the next level, by using your voice to grow your brand and make an impact in the world with an epic podcast.

I launched my podcast in 2021 and it has been my main platform to increase my visibility, boost my confidence and streamline my content creation.

So I truly do walk my walk. After working with so many incredible women to launch, manage & scale their podcasts too, I know what it takes to make your show a huge success from day 1!

Hey there!I'm Rosemarie

I see you showing up consistently on your feed and stories, telling your audience what they need to hear but it’s only four percent. I know you’re ready for a better long term sustainable marketing strategy. One that allows you to nurture and convert clients consistently.

There may be a way you can get the recognition you crave without spending hours on Instagram.


Together, we focus on strategy + systems whilst positioning your show as the core content for your business. So you can show up more like a CEO and less like a content creator!

And you know what? Right now, the podcasting world IS a man’s game.

At the time of writing this, only 22% of all podcasts and about a third of the top rated podcasts are hosted by women. This HAS to change. I think it is changing (slowly!) – but as women, I believe it is time to level the playing field & claim our seats at the table.

We are multi-talented, multi-passionate women & entrepreneurs. And a podcast truly IS the perfect way for you to amplify your voice, powerfully share your message, get seen & be heard.

A podcast for your business shouldn’t be another to-do.

I help purpose-driven female coaches like YOU become thought leaders in your niche by leveraging the power of podcasting so you can expand your reach and touch more people’s lives.

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"Having rosemarie on my team has allowed me to seamlessly launch and produce a podcast with minimal effort on my part"

"I literally do not worry about the podcast. Rosemarie sends me the schedule for the week, I interview the guests and wake up every Wednesday morning to a newly released episode. I don't even listen to the edited episodes. I trust that Rosemarie will take care of it and ensure that the quality is top notch. Rosemarie makes podcasting easy."

Ricklyn Woods
So You Want To Work In HR Podcast

"Rosemarie lights the fire under you that you knew you needed. She helps make it happen and get you out there!"

"I knew I needed outside support for a good kick up the bum as well as to help me not spend hours and hours on 'how tos' blogs and articles which weren't helping me to make any progress! My podcast is now the central part of my content strategy and informs all the other parts of my marketing. Some things you just shouldn't do all by yourself and launching your podcast is one of them."

Ali Geake
Keep It Human Podcast

"We would NOT have made it through Season ONE without Rosemarie!"

"Rosemarie is an amazing asset to have on your podcasting team! I take a great deal of comfort in knowing that I can hand her the raw materials & she will turn each episode into something amazing. I trust her. She’s thoughtful and detail-oriented. If you’ve got a podcast – or a dream of podcasting – and find yourself wanting support to make it happen, look no further!"

Becky Morrison
Coaching Carrie Podcast

"With Rosemarie's help, I got amazing results and my podcast charted as number 1 in the UK within 24 hours!" 

"Rosemarie turned out to be a great recommendation! I needed someone I could trust to provide support on a podcast launch. I just didn’t have the expertise to do the launch by myself and needed someone to guide me. Rosemarie was competent, knowledgeable and I felt I could trust her to deliver on time and to budget. "

Roz Chandler
The Cut Flower Podcast

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