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My signature Podcast Launch VIP Day was created to help female coaches powerfully share their message and unique story, make an impact in the world and boost their revenue with an epic podcast.

And this is your personal invitation to become a referral partner of my signature podcast launch service so that more women can be seen, be heard and be empowered to claim their seat at the table.

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EARN £100 for each referral

 ✔ A clear podcast strategy that will help her achieve her short and long term business goals

 ✔ A show that positions her as a thought leader in her niche

 ✔ 100% confidence that she's created a show that nurtures her audience and converts listeners into her paid programs

✔ 100% confidence that her content will connect with her listeners so that they can experience their own transformation

✔ A bespoke marketing plan that creates hype before launch and attracts new listeners after her show is live

When you refer a client to me, she will walk away with...


Refer a friend via a direct introduction email


HEre's how it works

They sign up for a VIP Day

You earn cash when they book

It really is that simple!

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