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want the formula to creating a show that nurtures and converts your podcast listeners into your high ticket programs?

For the business owner who wants to set herself up for podcasting success and not waste time spinning her wheels trying to figure it all out.

Let me guess...

You've recently launched your business podcast or you're in the planning stages and you want to ake sure you're on the right track.  Or maybe you're been podcasting for a while and have seen some success but you're ready to take things up a notch and you're not quite sure what that looks like.

What if you had all the answers you were looking for after just 90 minutes?

How would that make you feel? What impact could that have on your business?

This can be your reality! 

I will give you ALL the support you need so that you can move from stuck to getting the clarity you need to move forward with your show.

confidence your content witll connect with your listeners 

knowing the exact steps you need (no googling required)

struggling to figure out how to put all the pieces together


not knowing what to do or where to start


Go from

having a clear podcast strategy that will help you achieve your goals

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Here’s what’s included:

+ 90 min Zoom call to map out your podcast strategy using my 4-part method.
+ Copy of the recording to refer back to at any time
+ Additional resources I think may be helpful to you

You'll walk away with:
 +  Clarity in your messaging so that you know exactly who you're speaking to 
 +  An overall strategy that aligns with your business goals (plus a system to monitor your progress)
 + A marketing strategy that creates hype before your launch and attracts listeners beyond 


Ditch months (maybe even YEARS) of wondering whether you're doing this podcasting thing 'right' and instead take a shortcut to having the clarity and confidence you're looking for so that you can turn your podcast listeners into clients. 

podcast strategy INTENSIVE


* please note payment is due at the time of booking

Let me tell you HOW IT WORKS

next steps 

After our session, you'll receive a email with the link to your Google Drive folder containing your strategy document and the call recording. 

follow up


We'll meet on Zoom for our session. I will prepare in advance so that we make the best use of the time we have together.

we meet on zoom


Book and pay for your session via the link below. Please complete the form is as much detail as possible so I am prepared for our call.




"Having rosemarie on my team has allowed me to seamlessly launch and produce a podcast with minimal effort on my part"

"I literally do not worry about the podcast. Rosemarie sends me the schedule for the week, I interview the guests and wake up every Wednesday morning to a newly released episode. I don't even listen to the edited episodes. I trust that Rosemarie will take care of it and ensure that the quality is top notch. Rosemarie makes podcasting easy."

Ricklyn Woods
So You Want To Work In HR Podcast

"Rosemarie lights the fire under you that you knew you needed. She helps make it happen and get you out there!"

"I knew I needed outside support for a good kick up the bum as well as to help me not spend hours and hours on 'how tos' blogs and articles which weren't helping me to make any progress! My podcast is now the central part of my content strategy and informs all the other parts of my marketing. Some things you just shouldn't do all by yourself and launching your podcast is one of them."

Ali Geake
Keep It Human Podcast

"We would NOT have made it through Season ONE without Rosemarie!"

"Rosemarie is an amazing asset to have on your podcasting team! I take a great deal of comfort in knowing that I can hand her the raw materials & she will turn each episode into something amazing. I trust her. She’s thoughtful and detail-oriented. If you’ve got a podcast – or a dream of podcasting – and find yourself wanting support to make it happen, look no further!"

Becky Morrison
Coaching Carrie Podcast

"With Rosemarie's help, I got amazing results and my podcast charted as number 1 in the UK within 24 hours!" 

"Rosemarie turned out to be a great recommendation! I needed someone I could trust to provide support on a podcast launch. I just didn’t have the expertise to do the launch by myself and needed someone to guide me. Rosemarie was competent, knowledgeable and I felt I could trust her to deliver on time and to budget. "

Roz Chandler
The Cut Flower Podcast

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This could be your reality too!


you've got questions...i've got the answers!

Will I receive a copy of the session recording?

Absolutely! Within 24 hours of our call, I will send you a follow up email which includes the link to your Google Drive folder where the recording, your strategy document and any additional resources I think will be helpful for you.

who is the best fit for a podcast strategy session?

A female business owner who is leveraging podcasting for the growth of her business and personal brand. You want a podcast that not only showcases your thought leadership but also as a lead generation tool for your high ticket coaching programs.  To get the most out of this session you must have a clear understanding of who your ideal listeners is, what you're selling and where you want them to go i.e. your sales funnel.

can you launch my show for me?

Yes!  Our signature Podcast Launch VIP Day is a strategic done-with-you (and done for you) no-fluff experience from start to finish where you'll walk away with your podcast launched and in the ears of the women who need to hear your message in just ONE DAY . If you decide to book a VIP Day, your strategy session will be credited towards the total investment. Please click here to learn more.

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I would be honoured to be your podcast partner + cheerleader. 

SO…ready to take your coaching business to the next level, using the power of podcasting?